Packing Material

We use the best, safe and strong packing material to ensure reliability, security and protection of the goods being packed. We use packing material like

Wooden boxes-a wide range of tough and strong wooden boxes is available in different sizes, shapes and design.

Plywood boxes- To fight with different weather conditions and the strength to take heavy load, plywood boxes are designed in various shapes and sizes.

Corrugated boxes- are durable and stronger enough to pack bulky goods. We keep wide range like plain corrugated box, waxed corrugated box, white corrugated box etc.

Edge boards- are used in the packing of delicate and fragile items to protect it from damages and scratches. Our wide range includes corrugated edge board, corner edge board and packaging board.

Corrugated packing material- We have wide range of plain corrugated packaging material, recyclable packaging material, miscellaneous packaging material and packaging tapes.

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Air bubble pouches- The Bubble Bags are very useful in protecting glass items and delicate goods while moving.

Bubble sheet roles- protect any damage and breakage while collision of goods.

Foam roll- is available in perforated, non-perforated and anti-static form and is very useful in securing the goods with full protection.

These are some of the packing materials we use to ensure quality packing. Plastic sutli, stretch film, shrink wrapper, packing strap are also among the packing material that are used to tie/stitch or secure the packets safely.