Transport Insurance Services

Insurance is an assurance of compensation for particular loss or damage of the goods insured. While relocating covering all your household goods or office goods with insurance is always a smart choice. Regardless of efficient packing and secure shipping, few things are afar our management and control like flood, catastrophe, insurgence, vandalism, fire, accidents etc can result in destroying of the goods. So insurance of goods makes you eligible for compensation against your losses if occurred.

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The insurance for the goods to be transported is referred to as transit insurance. To avail such insurance service, a premium of 1.2% is payable on the actual value. A very small amount gives you full assurance of compensation if any mishap occurs in the transit process. If you want insurance for any kind of damages to the goods, a comprehensive insurance is available with the premium of 3% of the actual value. In this type of insurance, compensation is paid for any kind of damages to the goods apart from minute scuffs or scratches. We render our customers with transport insurance services to give them a risk free cover for all their valuable belongings.